EasySolar to reduce soft costs of solar through its new designing tool

EasySolar has announced that the its new app is ready to test. New and innovative tools are being developed to stimulate significant improvements in photovoltaic residential sector. Usually small-scale plants are the most difficult ones to sell due to "soft" costs.

Hardware prices are fairly similar across countries, however non-hardware costs of solar like marketing, customer acquisition or installation labour are the main barrier of wide adoption of pv technology in residential buildings.

Small-scale photovoltaics means higher unit cost per project as well as it requires more time spent with individual customers. This can be solved by use of new tool to design and prepare quotes: EasySolar app. Cloud technology, in-built measurement tools and friendly solutions inside the software that are dedicated to all solar providers, engineers and other professionals, make it easier to sell solar.

Installer companies need access to a wide variety of tools and have to continuously stay updated with the newest solutions on the market. EasySolar app provides all necessary steps necessary for dimensioning and design: site analysis, components database, irradiation database, shadow simulation tool, financial feasibility together with ROI and ready templates for great project and quote presentation.

Projects can be sketched or projected on maps and New components and pricing can be easily added or edited. Additionally, thanks to the fact that apart from the disc, projects are also saved inside the cloud, safety and easiness in getting back the data is guaranteed (for example in the event of a breakdown of a favourite EasySolar app enables sharing projects with working partners and preparing offers from any device even while being on the go.

Apart from computer and laptops, the app is available for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone users. Thanks to GPS, camera and Internet present in any smartphone, designing can be performed in-situ for any location in the world.

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